Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nobody tell Neo.

This will just break his heart ... or whatever passes for it.

Manitoba and Winnipeg are once again leading Canada in murders, according to a Statistics Canada report released Thursday. There were 62 homicides in Manitoba last year — the highest number since data were first collected in 1961, and up from 39 killings in 2006.

On a per-capita basis, Manitoba recorded the highest homicide rate in the provinces, at 5.22 per 100,000, almost double the rates of second-place Saskatchewan and third-place Alberta. Among major cities, Winnipeg led with 3.55 homicides per 100,000 people. Edmonton was second at 3.28 and Calgary was third at 3.14.

And not a single word about Toronto to be found. Damned lying, elitist, liberal media.


Lori said...

Hey CC, you know that statistics, especially the stats based on counting actual events, have a liberal bias.

Facts are just immigrant apologists like that.

mikmik said...

LuLu wrote this post and also knows of the sage Colbert.

Lori said...

Um, sorry LuLu.

Sometimes when I comment from work, I forget that sites have multiple authors.

My bad, truly.