Friday, October 31, 2008

You can almost hear the wistful sighing from here.

12-year-old Blogging Tory "Hunter" lets her girly-girl crush on Sarah Palin get the best of her.

Ewwwwwwwwwww. Really, just ewwwwwwwwww.

P.S. The thought of Hunter accusing someone else of being "all fluff and no substance" while creaming herself over Sarah Palin is almost crippling in its irony, isn't it?

BY THE WAY, Hunter, really principled politicians that are worthy of your fawning adulation shouldn't be the ones who have already thrown their running mate under a bus before the election. But I'm guessing you wouldn't recognize principle if it walked up and whapped you with a French loaf.

: There is virtually not a single sentence in that Hunter post that doesn't absolutely drip with idiocy. Take this one, in which Hunter can comfortably diss Obama because of her antenna stalks or something:

Dating is a scary thing for a female, so most of us rely on that 6th sense. My antenna started twitching the minute I heard Obama speak, he reminded me of a used car salesman, promising me the car was sound, while crossing his fingers behind his back, and grinning at me.

Ah, female intuition, is that it, Hunter? This would, naturally, be the same female intuition that tells Hunter to worship Palin lovingly from afar, even as some of the biggest dingbat conservatives around have finally twigged to what a whackjob she is.

God, what a legacy Stephen Taylor is going to have to answer for.


Southern Quebec said...

Wait until maryT posts. She usually manages to clear everything up. Bhahahahahah....

Ti-Guy said...

"Dating is scary." So, when she first considered Obama, she went right to how she thought of him as potential lover.


This Is Me Posting said...

This is, by far, the best part of it:

Hunter: "As a female, I would never have been able to support Hillary, any woman who would put up with her husband fooling around on her, is not tough enough to run a county let alone her own household."

Southern Quebec: "You talk about Hillary not being able to run her own household. Sarah's daughter gets knocked up by a redneck and her son has to join the army to avoid criminal charges. Hillary's daughter goes to Stanford."

Hunter: "You further disgrace yourself by bringing Palin daughter into this and calling her boyfriend a "redneck".

Maybe you should check your prejudices at the door next time.

Seriously. That's gold right there.

Shorter Hunter: "Let me talk shit about someone's family for a second here, and if you refute my point or bring up someone else's family, you're a disgraceful prejudice."

liberal supporter said...

Ha, now it's "they don't respect us". Disagreeing is now disrespect. This from the self described "east of eden". Does douchebaggery demand respect now?

Yesterday it was the word police. Musing how those "lefties" are mentioning "truth" a lot.

Seems a lot of word policing there these days.

First it was "everyone". If you mention "everyone", you must be including human fertilized eggs, embryos and fetuses. Since you want to kill said preborns, you are a hypocrite for saying anything about "everyone".

Then it was "never again". Only references to the Holocaust, or anything spoken by a right winger can use "never again". Those damn lefties are not allowed.

Now it's "truth". Not allowed to say you are telling the truth about anything.

Especially when I tell hunter that since she supports some people paying more taxes because they have more money (10% of more money is more tax), she is supporting communism and therefore is a commie. That but of truth, of course got deleted. Then the "east of eden" dude comes to the rescue to complain about those lefties always talking about "truth".

Hunter - censor of truth and word police officer.

Cue the "they can't stay away because they secretly love me because I am such a powerful woman with my sixth sense" routine.

liberal supporter said...

maryt did indeed show up, and furiously move the goalposts, informing everyone that they are bad for hating poor Sarah who chose to keep her Downs baby.

I think we can safely say over here that SQ wins the thread!

Ti-Guy said...

Lot of dishonest people over there. Seriously, re-education camps...they're our only hope.