Saturday, October 25, 2008

His economic theory, which he thought of, which is his.

Over at Small Dead but Still Funny Jews, guest poster Lance has some novel ideas on economics:

When asked whether he ever ran a balance on his credit cards, Lance replied, "Um ... what's your point?"


Ti-Guy said...

Yeah, but the HRC and the CBC it'll be smooth riding for Canada for the next five years.

One more time...Conservatives always go into deficit spending. Always, always, always.

Ti-Guy said...

"but the HRC.." s.b. "cut the HRC..."

sooey said...

Their supporters are like Charlie Brown to their Lucy and the football.

Zorpheous said...

I am all for keeping the books balance. Cut wasteful spending. Being at war is wasteful. Peacekeeping is not.

Cut all corporate tax cuts to the oil industry.

Cut the charity status for all religious orgs. Why are we financing peoples private choices in their desire to believe in sky fairies?

I guess doing the cat GST wasn't such a great idea. Thing is, to balance the books, you need money inflow to keep tha balance. Too bad so many Neo-Con droolers don't understand the basic of economics and accounting.

Mike said...

I can be down with Zorph's proposals. What are the odds of the CPC doing any of them?


BTW, These guys are probably already in deficit - which explains the timing of the election....