Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Cabinet. A Fancy Name For Closet.

And they're out... er, off!

Now that Canada's New New Government has cursed, or sworn in Prince Steve's new Cabinet of Horrors in front of the massive queer powered painting of teh Gay! It is likely only a matter of hours until we get reports of young Stockwell, knees up in an airport crapper begging for musky loads. Why oh why did no one listen to Chuck McVety?


Frank Frink said...

Young Stockboy already has the wetsuit.

Just sayin'

Ti-Guy said...

until we get reports of young Stockwell, knees up in an airport crapper begging for musky loads.


I don't even know what that means. Where's NAMBLA-Richard Evans when you need him?

Lindsay Stewart said...

just ask a preacher ti.

Unknown said...

Even the NDP praised Harper for all the women in cabinet, and no lefty quota system.

Your like, sooooo cynical.

Gube said...

The site isn't titled Canadian Optimist, Wayne.

Frank Frink said...

Yeah, that's just peachy Wayne. Never mind that three of them are undistinguished rookies (Raitt, Shea and Aglukkaq) thrust into senior positions and that a few others (Geurgis, Finley, Oda, Ambrose) are failed retreads who have just been shuffled over to different deck chairs.

I'm no huge fan of Paul Martin but Mr. CSL had more women in his cabinet (14 to Harper's current 11). So, from that perspective I could actually look at this as a step backwards not forwards.

And for such a 'small government' ideologue Phatpants Steeeeeeve has actually increased cabinet from 31 to 38 members.

Colour me totally unimpressed.

Doncha just hate them pesky facts, Wayne?

CC said...

Don't bother Wayne with facts -- he won't recognize them.

Red Tory said...

Completely unthrilling.

I was actually hoping that Harper would retrench into small government mode and, if anything, cut his cabinet to the bone. Time to tighten belts and focus on the essentials. But no... Instead, we get this bloated mess.

Puzzling to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Great to see this gang of homophobes in front of the "homosexual country" picture as declared by spiritual consultant McVety. Bet his boxers are twisted after seeing that. Delicious.

Reality Bites said...

Wayne, if you could bring yourself to learn and understand the difference between "your" and "you're" you might come across as not quite as much of a pathetic tool as you do now.

(Well I said he might folks. I'm not promising miracles.)

deBeauxOs said...

psa said:...young Stockwell, knees up in an airport crapper begging for musky loads.

Men's washrooms in airports have fishing holes? Would Doris's sea-do even fit?

Lindsay Stewart said...

that's a whole different musky there debeaux