Wednesday, October 22, 2008

SDA Nation: All the news that's fit to ignore.

Back in May, we had Canada's Most Bestest Awesomest White Power Blogger Kate "Did you hear the one about 6 million dead Jews?" McMillan getting all moist over right-wing TV ratings:

For the 77th consecutive month, FNC finished first in total day and prime time ratings during May. FNC was the sixth highest rated cable network on all of basic cable during prime time for the month (CNN and MSNBC finished 19th and 26th) and the seventh rated network in total day (CNN and MSNBC were 19th and 27th).

FNC also had 11 out of the top 13 programs in cable during the month in Total Viewers. The O'Reilly Factor was the #1 program in cable news for the 90th consecutive month, and saw gains in Total Viewers year-to-year (26%).

I'm guessing Kate's readers won't be hearing about this, though:

Rachel Maddow, a woman who does not own a television set, has done something that is virtually unheard of: she has doubled the audience for a cable news channel’s 9 p.m. hour in a matter of days.

More important for her bosses at MSNBC is that “The Rachel Maddow Show,” her left-leaning news and commentary program, has averaged a higher rating among 25- to 54-year-olds than “Larry King Live” on CNN for 13 of the 25 nights she has been host. While the average total audience of her program remains slightly smaller than that of Mr. King’s, Ms. Maddow, 35, has made MSNBC competitive in that time slot for the first time in a decade. The channel at that hour has an average viewership of 1.7 million since she started on Sept. 8, compared with 800,000 before.

In unrelated news, I hear Kate's been taking pictures of more thermometers. Whatever works for you, baby.

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toujoursdan said...

I keep waiting for people to get tired of angry rich white guys ranting about how unfair society is for them. Maybe this is the first indication of this.