Friday, October 31, 2008

He's not trying to be a screeching hypocrite, he is merely succeeding.

Over at "Freedom is my Nationality," Blogging Tory Hugh MacIntyre would like to not talk about the impending federal deficit so he can whine on and on about Toronto's debt.

Let's take careful note of Hugh's position today, shall we?

Deficit spending does not work. Government spending does not generate real productivity and large debt hinders long term growth.

And let's check back in a few months when, under a Stephen Harper-induced deficit, Hugh will be happy to tell that of course running deficits during tough times is exactly the way to stimulate the economy and this just proves that Stephen Harper is the right man for the job.

It will also demonstrate "leadership."


Hugh MacIntyre said...

I think that it is a shame that the Harper government has increased spending by such a huge amount. And I think that he should cut spending to avoid a deficit.

There you happy?

rabbit said...

So he's not actually a hypocrite today, but he will be in a few month's time. Is that the argument?

That's weak even by the standards of this blog.

Ti-Guy said...

That's weak even by the standards of this blog.

I see the pellet-dropper's returned.

What we can all safely conclude is that Conservatives don't have a fucking clue when it comes to financial management. What I'm pretty sure of as well is that Dim Jim Flim Flam Flahety is most likely hiding the extent that Canada is already well on its way to significant deficit spending.

I'll be happy to be wrong about that, but Dim Jim and I have been there before.

Shouldn't have cut the GST, assholes.

rabbit said...

Nice rant, lithium boy.

And this has to do with Hugh MacIntyre's skepticism over deficit spending exactly how?

Ti-Guy said...

Nothing. Do you think I actually pay attention to the substance of what wingnuts say?

sooey said...

It was beyond stupid to cut the GST. So beyond stupid I don't believe there's even a word for it.

KEvron said...

"I see the pellet-dropper's returned."

rabbits don't just drop them....