Sunday, October 26, 2008

CTV now pimping for John McCain. I'm shocked.

CTV would like you to know that, despite obvious concerns, there's no real worry about John McCain's health:

The health of the presidential and vice-presidential candidates has been at the forefront of this U.S. election campaign, particularly because at age 72 McCain would be the country's oldest president if elected.

To prove his physical fitness, McCain released more than 1,000 pages of medical records last spring.

Yeah, he released his medical records. So what's your problem? Oh, that (emphasis tail-waggingly added):

Three weeks ago, John McCain, who would be the oldest president in history if elected, released 1,173 pages of his medical records to the press. He did so only after a series of delays, however, and then granted a pool of about a dozen news outlets access to them for three hours, with no photocopying allowed.

In other words, here you go, kids, you have exactly 9.2 seconds per page to fight over this stuff, and you can't take any of it with you. Gee, CTV, you think that tidbit might have been just the teeniest bit newsworthy?


Unknown said...

John McCain's health is the least of our worries, when the best the US can come up with is Palin or Obama.

TRex said...

I don't see the comparison. Obama is leagues above Sara Palin, and most of the old guard GOP agrees (witness the high level defections and subsequent back biting). There is a terrible thing happening within the Republican Party and McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin was the watershed. Oh, and the crushing defeat at the hands of the Obama Democratic juggernaut which that is in the mail.

CC said...

trex (and others):

Please don't waste any time trying to refute Wayne. He is one of the dumbest people on the planet, has never had an original thought as long as I've been aware of him, and he is nothing more than a conduit for the most insipid right-wing propaganda imaginable.

Seriously, if Matt Drudge reported that Barack Obama was kidnapping white children and selling them into sex slavery in Thailand, Wayne would be dutifully reporting that the next day with a straight face.

He is an idiot. Ignore him.

TRex said...

Just as well, I can't type at all when the notebook is on my stomach. Ahh, Sunday’s!

Chimera said...

I don't want to know about McCain's having had the measles when he was a kid. I want to know about that blood clot putting pressure on his brain right now!

And that don't take more than a thousand pieces of dead tree!