Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The U.S. election, condensed for the hard of thinking.

Shorter deranged, right-wing Idiotsphere: "Despite our best efforts to ignore the obvious, it is now abundantly clear that the Republican nominee is a deluded, hypocritical, unethical douchebag and drooling racist with massive anger management problems who should not, under any circumstances, be allowed near any dangerous weapons, while his running mate is a vapid, mind-meltingly insane, Bible-pounding, young-earth creationist, pathological liar, shrieking anti-Semite and utter ignoramus, all of which inspires the following critically important question: With only two weeks to go until Election Day, how can we help them win?"

You only wish I was joking.


Anonymous said...

The US electorate managed to vote for the murderous W and his deranged gang of bible pounding hypocrites. No reason the McCain Palin ticket won't win. They seem to revel in having total idiots in charge.

Anonymous said...

Meant to add, just like we Canadians in twice electing the total phoney Harper and reformer thugs. We can't seem to get enough of this self abuse. Must be a North American thing.

The Seer said...

I mentioned on another blog that if we read our Bibles half as much as we crawl through the intertubes we would know that global warming was just preparation for the floods of the end times, which is why Sarah Palin is not worried about it but youse guys should be, in view of the fact that Sarah is not likely to be left behind, which, when you think of it, would leave the US with no president at all if John McCain croaks. ( I think this Biblical insight goes a long way towards explaining Sarah's take on life.)

Then on another blog, I raised the issue of whether the Bible says anything about the sex of the Anti-Christ. (This was after Hilary had lost and after John announced his choice for vice-president.)

Neither of the other blogs took my comments as constructive discourse. But I really would like to know if the Bible says anything about the sex of the Anti-Christ.

The Seer said...

Speaking of lipstick on pigs, have you noticed that the Gop spent $150,00 (US) on Sarah's campaign duds? Wonder how much the Gop spent on her kids?

Frank Frink said...

bc waterboy, what 'we' Canadians? Not that it's much comfort but Harper only won the votes of about 22% of the total eligible Canadian voters.

That 22% are the self-abusers, the other 78% (the 'we' if you will) of us still have to suffer for it.