Monday, October 27, 2008

Conservative Party to Jews: Yeah, yeah, Holocaust, whatever.

Along with numerous other intellectually-stunted Blogging Tories, "Canadi-anna" strokes herself into a state of high dudgeon over those horrible, horrible anti-Semites and their poorly-chosen words:

Never again. When you hear those words, it evokes an image doesn't it?

Yes, Canadi-anna, dear, it does -- it evokes an image of Conservative Party of Canada House Leader Peter Van Loan talking about fixed election dates:

Never again will the government of the day be able to play around with the date of an election for its own crass political motives.

And now, Canadi-anna, sweetie, who don't you and the rest of your uneducated, hypocritical, shrieking Blogging Tory fake outrage circle jerk dimwits please just fucking shut the fucking fuck up, for fuck's sake? That's a good little dumbfuck, dear.


Balbulican said...

Sigh. It also evokes the title of the memoirs of John Ashcroft (Bush's Attorney General), "Never Again" and John McCain's speech to the residents of New Orleans (three "never agains" in two sentences).

But of course, they're not Liberals.

Ti-Guy said...

I love Canadia-Anna's profile photo..."Ok, hold on...I haven't cocked my head coquettishly enough...Ok, I'm ready. Zoom in on my prettiness..."

Niles said...

Oddly enough, as I grew up in rural places where November 11 is a somber municipal occasion centred on a cenotaph with many local names on it... "Never Again" was the motto for honoring *all* the casualties of *all* the World Wars (quick and the dead), and the core of it was action to avoid putting future soldiers into combat except as the most dire, last resort defense action.

I used to think that was why Canada was a peace broker, willing to do the unsexy slog work at international negotiations. For the practical reasons and Remembrance Day promises. Silly peacenik socialist that I am.

When did the phrase become the exclusive property of the Jewish Shoah in WW2 (Which was horrendous malice and murder on a State scale, but wasn't the entire situation)? I have run into people who've sworn up and down WW2 was entered into and fought over the Shoah and nothing else, so I shouldn't be surprised at this claim. I still am.

We really need better historical education. But I suppose people willing to mouth these talking points for style over substance aren't going to do much reading that's not on their approved propaganda list anyway.

Canadianna said...

cyn, darling, baby, hunny -- where did you get a hold of the super-duper secret conservative code book that equates 'melodramatic' with 'anti-semitic'? Glad you tipped me off that it's been compromised though -- sorry you had to get your silly little head into a sweary, snitty, tizzy.
By the way -- why is it that liberals never seem to be able to disagree and change the channel? Instead they have to disagree and tell other people to shut up. Just an observation.

balbulican -- didn't read Ashcroft, don't know the context, but McCain's speech was refering to victims of incompetent or indifferent governments. 'Never again' seems to fit.

ti-guy - why, thank you. I tilt my head coyly and blush as you admire me.

niles -- in my post, I said 'for me' the image is holocaust survivors or soldiers, but I don't exclude all other victims of war. They simply don't prompt me to think of Liberals with their hands out because the other guys challenged their leader's leadership ability. I simply pointed out what the words tend to evoke for me personally. Weird, that, on a personal blog, huh?

Cameron Campbell said...

So, having missed the point, it's left to someone to actually use the words "hypocritical lying sack of partisan shit" to describe you?

Canadianna said...

I bet you say that to all the girls.

Bill Morran said...

I'm going to preface this by saying that anyone who calls themselves a "cynic" and is proud of it is a pseudo-edge pussy ass-clown, who most likely spends 90% of their time telling dumb jokes on the internet for shock value.

Now, according to you, there are several people complaining about this. Evidently, you, being the incompetent sexist pig that you are, decided to pick Canadianna, because you could throw in your bullshit, condescending "dear" and "sweetie", and then referred to her as "shrieking".

Now, it's a little different in Dion's case from the others. The others happened to use the words "never again" in a sentence. Dion used is as the subject of an e-mail. He repeated it. He sat and menstruated like a nine year old girl about the "character assassination" he suffered. Hate to break it to you, but baseless attacks on other candidates is a liberal party trademark.

Preston Manning was made fun of for the way he spoke, and for not being tough enough. Stockwell Day was made fun of for his religion. Paul Martin went so far as to imply Stephen Harper was fat. Dion, Martin, Chretien and the liberal party, for years, have been whining "hidden agenda" and talking about the Prime Minister of Canada as if he was a dictator waiting for more power. "Don't let Harper get his way". Are you fucking serious? And you whine about fake outrage circle jerks?

Come on, dude. You've got fucking Family Guy pictures in your banner. You're a pseudo-edge, shock value, liberal ass clown. Get over yourself.

liberal supporter said...

Hey "bill morran". Nice handle there, fred. What's wrong with your previous name? I enjoyed you more as "jonathon".

Think you're going to impress "canadi-anna" with your tough guy macho bullshit? Come over here to rescue her, have you? I think she can handle herself. Besides, she's a guy, you doofus.

"bill morran". One of the real manly men. Hey "bill", Captain Ned is looking for you. It seems you need to be comforted again.

Canadianna said...

Liberal supporter -- I just checked my pants. Not a guy. Sorry about that. I know you thought we might have had something, but . . .
And you know what? If I don't want to be rescued by a fellow commenter, I'll handle it, thanks.

mikmik said...

"I'm going to preface this by saying that anyone who calls themselves a "cynic" and is proud of it is a pseudo-edge pussy ass-clown, who most likely spends 90% of their time telling dumb jokes on the internet for shock value."

Somebody hit a nerve. Oh, BTW, so why did you, then? Are you types so that out of touch with reality that you do something, and then say you won't do it? That's even stupider than saying you won't do something, and then doing it.