Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And this is why we mock them.

And having made a passionate, eloquent and heartfelt plea that the phrase "Never again" be the exclusive property of those who want to remember the genuine horrors of the Holocaust, Blogging Tory "Canadianna" decides that, if John McCain wants to use it in the context of protecting against storm damage, well, she's open-mindedly good with that, too.

I believe we'll give Cameron the last word.


sooey said...

Shouldn't people be more worried about every little thing being a "holocaust" than "never again"? I mean, I think I said "never again" after I last visited my in-laws. Of course... they're Jewish... Oh wait... nope. Not even. Okay. Never again.

Oops. This is going to be hard than I thought.

Canadianna said...

Here I was all worried because the great and powerful cyn is mocking me, and apparently he can't even read.

"Exclusive property"? -- Never said anything remotely close to that, dear. Most people understood that Dion was playing victim but that Harper's treatment of him is not analogous with tragedy, and that nowhere did I say the Holocaust is the only tragedy that ever happened or that the words 'never again' were the exclusive domain of anyone -- in fact, I gave a second example of what the words evoked for me.

But, tell you what. Next time I post I'll try to dumb it down a little if I think you're going to happen by.

liberal supporter said...

Sheesh. Another Sarah Palin wannabe. Lots of sass and scolding while holding extremist views. And it's always about "me me me".

Canadianna said...

Liberal supporter - I know it's shocking, but not all of us girls want to be Sarah.
And, would you be using the words 'sass' and 'scolding' if I were a guy? Thought not.
Extremist? Based on what?
And y'all keep making it about me. I'm only sassin' back.

Bill Morran said...

Hey, why'd you give the last word to Cameron. Follow the his profile -- the guy wasn't referring to Canadi-anna when he said:
So, having missed the point, it's left to someone to actually use the words "hypocritical lying sack of partisan shit" to describe you?
He was referring to you.

Cameron Campbell said...

Bill.. you know I know who I was referring to and it wasn't CC.

But thanks for playing.