Friday, January 27, 2006

Tolerance, intolerance, SSM, reproductive rights and every other damned thing.

At the risk of belabouring the animated discussion we're having back here, there are two arguments regarding same-sex marriage that are just so damned ubiquitous and annoying, I want to put the boots to them once and for all.

First, there's definite entertainment value when the wingnut demographic, with respect to SSM, howls about how other people's views on homosexuality are being "rammed down their throats," or some such rubbish. These would, of course, be the same people who, year after year, have no problem demanding that their views on abortion, contraception and reproductive rights in general be codified into law and inflicted on absolutely everyone else. No hypocrisy there, no sirree. But it doesn't end there.

It's not clear what these lunatics mean when they suggest that others are trying to force their "beliefs" on them, or are trying to get them to somehow "accept" homosexuality as "normal," or something equally inane.

If you look closely, you'll realize that no one is asking those folks to "accept" anything new in the way of beliefs. I really don't care what the fuck they believe. They're quite welcome to continue thinking of homosexuality as abnormal and deviant if that's what makes them happy.

They're free to be appalled by SSM, and they're free to continue to dislike gays if that's what they want. In short, they have my unbounded blessing to continue being exactly the same kind of ignorant, mean-spirited, narrow-minded, intolerant buttheads they've always been, and more power to them. In other words, I'm not asking them to change anything whatsoever about their beliefs in even the tiniest way.

On top of that, none of us are asking these lamebrains to change their behaviour in any way either. All of them are still free to get married or not as they see fit, and to refuse to allow gays to marry in their churches. They're welcome to run their religious services in any way they prefer, and they're free (within the bounds of those religious beliefs) to be as bigoted and discriminatory as their shriveled little hearts desire. In short, they can keep doing precisely what they've been doing all these years, and none of us would give a shit.

But notice what happens when it comes to their position on things like abortion. The same folks whose lifestyles (if one can use the word "style" in speaking of any of them) would not be altered in the slightest by SSM are exactly the same folks who would inflict their anti-abortion position on everyone else in the country. And yet, the irony and hypocrisy of this is completely and totally lost on them. Go figure.

To all you rabid opponents of SSM, let me be clear: I don't care in the slightest what you believe or how you choose to worship. You're welcome to spend the rest of your worthless lives wallowing in your narrow-minded bigotry and hypocrisy. Go wild. Have a blast. Whatever turns your crank, as they say.

But for once -- just this once -- why don't you keep your venomous nastiness to yourself and just leave the rest of us the fuck alone? Is that really too much to ask? Just this once?


Wanker: "It's a fact that the gay 'lifestyle' is incredibly high-risk and self-destructive, what with all of that free, open sex and promiscuity and multiple partners."

Non-wanker: "Um ... well, actually, a number of gays just want the right to get married so they can commit to each other in a lifelong and loving, monogamous relationship."

Wanker: (Pause). "Well, that's just sick!"

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Hear, hear!!