Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Apparently, it runs in the family.

Following this link from First Draft, we have Laura Bush being almost as inarticulate as her chimpy mate:

In a country or a part of the world where one in three people have a sexually transmitted deadly disease, you have to talk about abstinence, you really have to. And in continents, on a continent, and in many countries where girls feel obligated to comply with the wishes of men, girls need to know that abstinence is a choice.

Why, yes, it only makes sense that, in a country where girls aren't given a choice, they need to realize that abstinence is a choice. Or something.

God help us all, she really is as stupid as her husband. I didn't think that was physically possible.


Jerry550 said...

How about paying $50k to have lunch with Laura? I wonder if she'd dispense her proclamations at that price?

Cathie from Canada said...

So, a girl can't talk a man into wearing a condom, but she can talk him into not having sex at all? Oh sure, Laura, that'll work just fine.
Its all on the individuals, I guess -- I didn't see any of the reporters asking about drug companies cutting their prices so that people with STDs can be cured.

Anonymous said...

So it makes sense that a girl who has absolutely no power in her own culture suddenly try to assert some by refusing the advances of someone who could (and probably will) either kill her or have her killed for that refusal?

I love how all the responsibility is put on the girl, here. More woman hating theology placing blame - I suppose the spread of AIDS is entirely due to female promiscuity?