Friday, January 20, 2006

Harper's obsession with missile defense is getting downright phallic.

What is it with Stephen Harper and that asinine missile defense program?

Harper open to missile-defence talks with U.S.

Stephen Harper said a Tory government would consult Parliament about whether Canada should join the U.S. missile-defence system.

Harper told Radio-Canada in an interview Thursday that he would wait for a formal, written offer from the U.S. before deciding whether Canada should participate in the ballistic missile defence program.

He said Parliament would then hold a free vote.

Is it too much to ask that Stephen get a fucking clue before making an even bigger dick of himself than he already has?

Test Failures Slow U.S. Missile Defense

Behind the heavy barbed wire at this snowy range are silos containing eight interceptors designed to shoot down incoming enemy missiles. There were supposed to be as many as 16 in place by now.

But after an embarrassing series of test failures in the ambitious, expensive and highly criticized program to build a national missile-defense shield, the U.S. military is slowing the deployment of interceptors while it conducts more testing...

The government has spent about $100 billion on missile defense since 1983, including $7.8 billion authorized for the current fiscal year. Interceptors, however, have failed five times in 11 tests, even though some critics of the program say the tests have been practically rigged to succeed.

Did you catch that, Steve? Even rigging the tests, they still fail almost half the time.

I don't dislike Harper and his wingnuts because they're conservative. I dislike them because they're, well, stupid.


Anonymous said...

Notice the constant references to "free votes in parliament"?

Basically what the slimeball is trying to do is deflect (in advance) any responsibility for a policy clusterfuck that he knows is downright stupid - or worse, unpopular.

It's a classic example of the problem with the CPC's attempts at sentient thought - they fail to recognize that the government has to actually govern by leading, rather than simply following the opinion of the masses.

(e.g. Civil rights issues...foreign policy etc.) But it's all good as long as none of it involves a blowjob - right?

M@ said...

I'm wondering what good a party platform is if everything's up for a free vote anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Whil I oppose Canada's involvement in Continental Missile Defense for several reasons (doesn't work, is a waste of billions, violates several international arms treaties, Bush likes it), you're overlooking the true aspect of monumental stupidity: a free vote.

Free votes have their place, but not when it comes to determining foreign policy and national defence. To submit foreign policy to the control of opposition and populist referendum-style politics would be utter lunacy.

The Free Vote seems to be Harpers answer to any foolish policy he doesn't want to admit he supports. He's not against same-sex marriage, but he supports a free vote. He's not against a woman's jurisdiction over her reproductive system, he just wants a free vote. He's not pro-eating kittens and castrating socialists, he just wants to put it to a free vote.

Enough. Either have the guts to make your positions clear, or have the brains to give it real thought.

What an ass.