Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The annoying hypocrisy of "progressive" American Democrats.

Now here's an interesting piece from John Aravosis of AmericaBlog, talking about another DINO (Democrat In Name Only) who just announced his support for right-wing loon Samuel Alito for U.S. Supreme Court:

Will I continue to support [DINO Bob] Casey over Santorum? Define "support." Would I vote for Casey if I lived in Pennsylvania? Yes. Will I pull out all stops to help Casey? Unlikely.

And right there is the biggest problem with American progressives -- when push comes to shove, they cave under the pressure.

If you've been following the big left-wing blogs in the U.S. the last little while, you'll know that most of those bloggers have been absolutely pleading with the Democrats to vote "no" on Alito, and further pleading for a filibuster on him as well. "Please," they're saying, "show some spine, take a stand, suck in that gut and just flat-out reject Alito and damn the consequences." But when it's time for those same progressives to take a stand, well ... they just kind of fold.

So what should they do here? Simple. Make it clear they're going to support, and vote for, Sen. "Man-on-Dog" Santorum. No, I'm serious, and the reasoning is quite simple.

As John points out, a number of Dems seem to have this attitude of "Well, who else you gonna vote for?" And the answer should be, if both candidates are going to act like Republicans, they might as well vote for the real Republican as opposed to the fake one.

Isn't this a bit extreme? Perhaps. But look at it logically. It might seem to be cutting off one's nose to spite one's face but, really, all it would take is a couple of these to teach the Democratic establishment that it can't keep putting forth worthless candidates who expect to get progressive support just because they'd be considered the lesser of two evis. That way lies madness. And Zell Miller.

And if the Dem in question is going to act like a Republican, what difference is it going to make anyway? Sadly, though, the same progressives who are howling for the Democratic Party to take a principled stand on their behalf are, in too many cases, the same people who seem more than happy to hold their noses and vote for losers like Casey.

So, John (and the rest of you), if you're going to get so cranked up about the Party showing some spine and acting on principle, you might consider doing the same. If Casey is going to be this worthless of a liberal, make it clear you're all going to support Santorum. And mean it. And see what kind of reaction you get.

Sure, it might be painful the first couple of times. But maybe it's time to start showing a little of that "principle" you so badly want others to demonstrate on your behalf.


orc said...

That would work. Oh, boy, would that ever work; the worthless "consultants" who keep telling Democrats that you have to move right, right, right! wouldn't know just what to do if the Democratic rank and file started supporting the Evil Party candidate.

It would be a glorious sight to see all the heads exploding, and it certainly wouldn't lead to a worse result than what's already happening in the American Imperium.

Simon said...

The U.S. has no true opposition party. And they call themselves a democratic society.

Anonymous said...

I'd go with Michael Moore's idea of merging the Democs and the Repubs into one grand filth-farm, and then get someone (Nader?) to run a party that actually represents the bototm 90%.