Sunday, January 29, 2006

Jason Kenney -- in his own hermetically-sealed universe.

Via Polunatic, we have CPC dimbulb Jason Kenney, waxing philosophical and doing that very badly indeed:

Canada's Conservatives can strongly disagree with the United States on issues like Arctic sovereignty and still be friendly, says MP Jason Kenney, who promised a more mature, diplomatic and sophisticated tone in bilateral relations.

Dear Jason: You are either with them or you are against them. Everyone else has figured this out. Sadly, it appears to be your turn. This might hurt a little.


Anonymous said...

Kenney's a complete sleazebag - as well as being clueless.

At an all-candidates forum during the election he claimed that Canada was the last "major democracy" with an unelected upper house. (Hmmm - I guess the UK isn't a democracy any more)

Jerry550 said...

Actually, it should be "You're either with them or agin' them.