Tuesday, January 31, 2006

This whole "patent" thing has gotten seriously out of hand.

All right ... whose dumbfuck idea was this?

Cingular applies to patent smileys

Cingular, the United States' largest mobile phone network this week applied to patent emoticons, better known as smileys.

Dear Cingular: Why don't you patent an emoticon for this?

CAVEAT: As I'm sure you can read if you follow a link or two, Cingular isn't actually trying to patent the emoticons themselves, but it's something almost as stupid -- they're trying to patent a dedicated key to generate them.

So, please, no dippy comments about how I can't read. I just had some leftover snark this morning and felt like doing something with it.


Declan said...

The U.S. patent office got out of hand a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

if it makes it harder for people to use the fuckin' things, i'm for it.