Wednesday, January 18, 2006

"Maher Arar? Never heard of him."

Man, there is some kick-ass amnesia running around DC these days. First, no one's really that close a friend with Tom DeLay. Then it's "Jack who?" And now:

At today’s press conference Scott McClellan claimed he has never heard reports that the United States sent detainees to Syria, where they were tortured:

QUESTION: There are allegations that we sent people to Syria to be tortured…


QUESTION: Yes. You’ve never heard of any allegations like that?

MCCLELLAN: No, I’ve never heard that one. That’s a new one.

QUESTION: Syria? You haven’t heard that?

MCCLELLAN: That’s a new one.

QUESTION: Well, I can assure you it’s been well publicized. My question is…

MCCLELLAN: By what, bloggers?

The detainee in question would be, of course, Canadian citizen Maher Arar. Or as he's now known in the Bush administration, "Maher who?"

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Anonymous said...

Yes its amazing that Scott McClelland doesn't know about Google. Its shocking what you can find when you type Mayhar Arar in the search bar. Even some US sources like CBS News

And The New Yorker Magazine

But then that would require the Bush administration to think about something!