Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Oh, those onerous workplace decisions.

This morning's hilarity, courtesy of the Globe and Mail:


This week's question:
Your company has a policy requiring employees not to use the Internet for personal business during office hours. You are bored in the middle of work one day and decide to take a peek at a colleague's blog and are disturbed to see a long rant about how he wants to take a gun and go on a killing spree at work. Do you immediately go to security with your discovery, thus exposing your forbidden surfing, or does the perceived safety of your colleagues take precedence?

Man, that's a tough one -- read today's "Dilbert" or try to prevent the possible massacre of numerous co-workers. Grapple, grapple ...

Oh, man, that Dogbert is such a card with his get-rich-quick schemes. See, he puts on a tie, and then he rents this conference room ...

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