Friday, January 20, 2006

Can we just throw these CPC candidates in jail and be done with it?

Via The Dan Report, we have local Kitchener-Conestoga CPC candidate and jackass (yes, yes, I know, I'm repeating myself) Harold Albrecht, and a letter Pastor Albrecht sent to the local paper in 2003, with the following yummy excerpts:

... these same-sex marriages would succeed in wiping out an entire society in just one generation ... ongoing damage to future generations ...

... and so on and so on and tediously, religiously on.

I won't bother pointing out how the good pastor is an ignorant dumbfuck as I'm sure that would be an affront to ignorant dumbfucks everywhere.

No, what I want to see is Albrecht charged under Canada's "hate speech" laws. Can we do that? Can we try? Can I dream of the day when Albrecht ends up doing hard time with a tattooed, mulleted cellmate named "Bubba" who thinks Albrecht is kind of cute, in a "Hey, praying ain't the only thing you can do when you down on your knees, know what I'm sayin', Harold?" kind of way?

I can dream.

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Anonymous said...

The only thing that gay marriage will result in is gay-divorce down the road. Anybody who belives otherwise, especially that it will destroy society is fucking insane and should be thrown into a mental institution and declared unfit to carry themselves.

And, although it would be nice if dark-ages fuckheads like this could be thrown in jail for hate crimes, there is a religious exemption. Otherwise the bible would be considered a hate book, as it advocates the genocide of non-Christians.