Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Chronicles of Ralphia: New minority conservative government edition.

One wonders whether, with a new conservative government up here, American uber-Christian, political hack and all-around douchebag for Christ Ralph Reed is going to be a more frequent visitor. I'm thinking he might get a better reception here than he's getting down south these days:

Ralph Reed wants a good crowd at today's annual gathering of the Christian Coalition of Georgia. And he's willing to shell out cash for it.

His Republican campaign for lieutenant governor sent an e-mail to supporters this week offering to pay the $20 entrance fee and — for out-of-towners — an overnight stay in a hotel.

Reed campaign manager Jared Thomas characterized the offer as routine. "Certainly, we want our grass-roots people to be well-represented," he said.

Especially those grass-roots people who have no problem with bribery. That's pretty much Ralph's base these days.

TOUCHY, TOUCHY: Oh, my, but Ralph is getting a mite defensive these days.

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