Thursday, January 26, 2006

Progressives to Dems: Go fuck yourselves.

Hmmmmmmm ... what interesting timing. Shortly after my piece back here, I read Dave Neiwert over at Orcinus who seems to be similarly fed up.

Hey, Dave ... that's sort of, kind of how many of us left-wingers in Canada felt about the Liberals this last election. We feel your pain.

THERE'S MORE: This whole "Last chance, Dems, I really mean it" meme seems to be picking up traction. This could get interesting.

BONUS TRACK: You know, sometimes I figure it's a good thing I can look at all of the madness down south from a Canadian perspective because I'm sure that, if I was an American citizen, my outrage would cause my brain to leap out of my ears and choke me to death just to put me out of my misery.

Consider this gem from Armando over at DK, where Armando reports on the Alito position of Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu:

Because we have such a full plate of pressing issues before Congress, a filibuster at this time would be, in my view, very counterproductive. It is imperative that we remain focused on creating the tools New Orleans, Louisiana and the Gulf Coast will need to rebuild. This includes passing the Baker bill and allowing our state to keep its fair share of offshore energy revenues. We simply cannot afford to bring the Senate to a halt at a time when we need its action the most. If called to vote for cloture on Judge Alito's nomination, I will vote yes.

Now, stop and think about this for a second. We have Samuel Alito, who's made it painfully clear that he doesn't much care for Roe v. Wade and will almost certainly try to overturn it. And now we have Landrieu, not only a female, Democratic senator, but from Louisiana, the state that got totally, completely and thoroughly fucked over by the White House with respect to Hurricane Katrina. And Landrieu has just made it clear that she's going to vote to confirm Alito.

There are no words for this. Truly.


Cori said...

hmmm. maybe the Republicans are holding funds for her state hostage. "Vote for Alito, or you get nothing to rebuild your state, and we'll make damn sure your constituents know that it's YOUR FAULT, you obstructionist, you!"

Rev.Paperboy said...

they certainly wouldn't be above such evil crap