Tuesday, January 31, 2006

American progressives still not getting the point.

Back here, I smacked American progressives for not being able to turn their backs on Democratic poliicians who sell them out. Sadly, it's still happening as you can read here where well-known blogger and author David Neiwert still just doesn't get it:

Dear Sen. Cantwell:

I'm writing to explain why I won't be donating to your campaign.

Moreover, I'll add that I'm a journalist and blogger (dneiwert.blogspot.com) with a substantial readership. And I'll be urging them not to donate to your campaign either.

Good, good ... that's a start. Sadly, though, it's further down where Dave caves:

I'll vote for you, but not enthusiastically.

No, Dave, no! Bad progressive! No biscuit!

Telling someone like Cantwell that you'll hold your nose when you vote for her isn't going to faze her in the slightest. I suspect she doesn't give a shit how you feel when you vote for her, just as long as you vote. And until folks like Neiwert figure this out and actually learn to seriously punish people like Cantwell, they will continue to sell out progressives.

And folks like Neiwert will continue to make it all possible.

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