Tuesday, June 21, 2005

What do Barbara Kay and LGF have in common?

Remember how I suggested back here that National Post columnist Barbara Kay was pathetically lazy by not actually doing some research before writing her sensationalistic column about academic bias in Canada?

Apparently, laziness is quite the common attribute in East Wankerville these days, as the folks at Think Progress point out:

The conservative blogosphere, desperate to discredit the Downing Street Minutes, is abuzz with the ridiculous rumor that London Times reporter Michael Smith – who broke the DSM story – used to work for Mary Mapes at CBS. The extremely popular site Little Green Footballs breathlessly asks:

Is British reporter Michael Smith, who broke the Downing Street memo story…the same Michael Smith who was hired by Mary Mapes as a CBS assistant producer in the Rathergate scandal?

... It took me a grand total of one phone call to CBS to see if this rumor was true. The answer is no. The Michael Smith who used to work for Mary Mapes is not the same Michael Smith who writes for the London times.

Yes, nothing says right-wing conspiracy theory like pure, unadulterated laziness.


RossK said...

Ya but.....

As long as they can make the bastard deny it.....

Wait, what's that I hear?

A barnyard sow?


Ahistoricality said...

What? You mean there's more than one "Michael Smith"? I find that unlikely, particularly in a liberal field like journalism, so it must be a conspiracy....

Anonymous said...

Stupid rightwingers. What are the odds of two Michael Smiths being involved in fraudelent documents? One in a billion, I say!

Progressive Paul