Wednesday, June 08, 2005

But can any of them make a radio out of a coconut?

And isn't that special? Following the appropriate links from the inimitable Ms. Z (and there has to be a better euphemism for her than that, I'm sure), we learn that those wacky pirates over at the Western Stunned Herd are about to make a Bill O'Reilly-sized mistake.

OK, maybe that's unfair. After all, it might be a truly educational experience basking in the variety and breadth of this truly diverse collection of conservative thinkers. I mean, there's Ezra Levant, the publisher of the Western Standard. And Lyle Dunkley, the chairman of the Western Standard. And Kevin Libin, editor of the Western Standard. And Andrew Coyne, a columnist with the Western Standard. And Terry O'Neill, a senior writer for the Western Standard. And ... uh ... and ...

Oh, never mind. You might as well save your money and just subscribe.

BY THE WAY: Speaking of diversity, notice anything just a wee bit odd about the collection of speakers? Think hard, it'll come to you.

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Anonymous said...

And don't forget the Western Standard's Mark Steyn. He is just another one of the two-bit hacks who writes for them. He is so dull and boring compared to the soothing prose offered by eloquent writers like Maureen Dowd.

Progressive Paul