Friday, June 24, 2005

Dear Dems: Lord, but you're a bunch of pussies, aren't you?

Unless you're currently in a persistent vegetative state, I'm sure you're familiar with the current dust-up involving White House advisor Karl Rove, and his insinuation that liberals' main motivation is to see American troops get killed in Iraq. Apparently, most of the citizens of Left Blogsylvania are just all cranked that they're presenting a united front about this, demanding, yes demanding, that Rove either apologize or resign.

My God, but you people are spineless.

The only demand Dems should be making is that Rove be given a choice to either resign or be fired, and that's it. The man is such a thoroughly loathsome slimeball, Dems shouldn't feel even the slightest bit guilty about wanting his sorry ass tossed.

What good is an apology going to do? Even if he condescends to give one, you know perfectly well it's going to be one of those non-apology, "Well, I'm sorry if what I said was misinterpreted by some people since what they apparently heard is not what I intended to be what I meant." BFD.

Instead, we have a sizable chunk of the liberal community stroking themselves because they're insisting that Rove resign. Or apologize, hey, that'll work, too, if it's not too much trouble unless you're busy or something.

With that kind of lack of spine, it's no wonder that a semi-literate, C-student girly-man like George W. can kick your asses in two straight elections. You folks just never learn, do you?

SEE WHAT I MEAN? Over at AmericaBlog, "Joe in DC" is making the same mistake when he writes:

Rove is a bully. A strategic bully.

The only way to fight a bully is to go for their jugular. Hit back hard and play to win. Clearly, from the reaction on the blogs, we get that.

No, Joe, you don't. As long as you're publicly saying that you'll be satisfied with merely an apology, you still don't get it.


Anonymous said...

*sigh* Unfortunately our 'Leadership' on the left in America is too nice to actually hold anyone accountable for anything. Look at Durbin. Tells the truth until someone calls foul then he rolls over and plays dead. You're right. A bunch of friggin' pussies.

Anonymous said...

To all my Democrat Comrades:

Please be aware that KKKarl Rove and his secret group of Republican Attack Ninjas have posted an online petition in order to gather the names of progressive liberal freedom fighters everywhere!

At approximately 9:00 GMT he will order his puppet G.W. McHalishrub to declare marshal law, subsequently rounding up all progressive liberals to be placed in his underground re-education gulags. If you are reading this, PLEASE be sure that you have your tin-foil hats firmly in place, as Rove has been known to use mind-confusion rays to cause his enemies to say and do embarrassing things. If you have signed this petition then run and lock your doors and windows! THE ROVIAN BLACK NINJAS ARE COMING FOR YOU!

If only he could've offered a sincere heartfelt apology like Dick Durban did...

Howard Dean was right; the Repugs are evil!

There is only one thing that could possibly make amends; KKKarl Rove MUST resign from Halliburton IMMEDIATELY!

Progressive Paul

Cathie from Canada said...

Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. . .

Anonymous said...

I thought that screed up there by Obsessive Paul was tongue-in-cheek, till I read "PLEASE be sure that you have your tin-foil hats firmly in place"... I suspect he has probably has a fortune invested in tin futures and this is subtle product-placement on his part. Damn, but those conservatives are clever bastards, aren't they?