Saturday, June 11, 2005

Just how big a dick is Pete Rempel?

About this big. One suspects that Mr. Rempel, not wanting to cut into his wanking schedule too much, never bothered to read the entire series back here, including the comments, in which he'd find all sorts of subtleties and nuance and stuff like that there. Apparently, Mr. Rempel just doesn't do nuance, it being intellectually taxing and all that.

No, apparently, according to Mr. Rempel, I am such a virulent anti-Semite that he couldn't even bring himself to comment on it. Yep, that's me, all right -- ten pounds of anti-Semitism in a 5-pound bag given, over the many months I've had this blog, my overwhelming number of previous anti-Jewish postings which would number ... um, lessee here ... hey! Exactly zero. Ah, but who needs evidence or substantiation when you can just reel back in shock and feign completely bogus outrage, eh, Pete?

So, Pete, you can join the discussion if you have something meaningful to say. Or you can just be a dick. It's a tough choice, but one I suspect you've had to make before.

WEASEL BOY UPDATE! You know, I knew when I started this blog that, some day, it would all pay off in pure entertainment value. And, wouldn't you know it, today's the day. Look who joined the party -- Weasel Boy himself, with some delightfully inane comments. (And notice how he can't even seem to post a comment without somehow fucking that up. Too funny.)

Yes, go read how, according to WB, my smackdown of anti-evolution Intelligent Design here is, if you can believe it, just more evidence of my apparent anti-Semitism.

Man, this is funnier than the first round of Canadian Idol.

BY THE WAY: There's something moderately amusing about the selectivity of outrage on the parts of both Mr. Rempel and Weasel Boy. For instance, once upon a time, we had Kate of the blog Small Dead Animals suggesting that perhaps the best thing to do about the AIDS- or ebola-infected citizens of Angola might be to just "close the borders and let nature take its course."

Gosh, you might think that that suggestion could be ever so slightly racist, no? And yet, where's the outrage on the part of Mr. Rempel? And should we expect any sudden, animated condemnation of such racism from Weasel Boy? Let me give you some advice -- don't hold your breath.

OH, YAWN: Help yourself. So, let's sum up here. If we understand Mr. Rempel properly, explaining why Jewish writers writing wholly unsympathetic articles referring to Muslims being incarcerated in inhumane conditions and published in Jewish periodicals simply gives ammunition to people to defend their anti-Semitism: Bad. Very, very bad. Breathtakingly, jaw-droppingly bad.

On the other hand, Pete's buddy Kate suggesting quarantining an entire African nation and letting them die from disease: Apparently, not so bad.

Relativism, taken to a whole new level.

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Anonymous said...

Relatively new to your site so I don't know its history or whether you are what you have been suggested as being. On the other hand, I do know that anti-Semites don't need ammunition. The hate is spewed forth regardless of the actions of a few Jewish writers in Jewish periodicals. And when there is no what you call ammunition, it is simply invented and spread as if it is the truth (sort of like what Fox News does)