Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Canadian conservative values.

Uh oh ... apparently, all is not sweetness and light in the land of moral absolutes and brothers and sisters in Christ.

To all of you bickering, back-stabbing conservatives, I implore you -- put aside your petty differences and realize that, with all your minor disagreements, you still have in common the most important thing of all: You all hate gays. Surely that must count for something.


Anonymous said...

It's funny. Everyone saw this coming, (well, the unbiased everyone)and yet the Tories took no heed of legitimate concerns, being too stuffed up on right-wing righteousness that has invaded that sides way of thinking recently.

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of discontent with the turn of things. People are saying it’s time to replace the leader,” said one key Conservative organizer in Toronto who, like many others, asked not to be named because it could hurt his status in the party.

An anonymous source. Good progressive journalism.

But, behind the scenes, party members from coast to coast are pointing fingers...

More unnamed sources? So what? It's only those idiot reich-wingers that demand "names." Innuendo works well.

and a lot of people in the party are tired of waiting,” said one organizer, who also asked to remain anonymous.

Anonymous shanonymous. Big deal. Anonymous sources worked well for Newsweek as they proved that the baby-killing blood-drinking US troops were systematically flushing down 950 page religious books at Gitmo's torture chambers.

We have a NEWS article here. To hell with the Cons who are always whining about a "liberal media who disguises news reports as opinion."

This is a NEWS article about the demise of Stephen Harper’s anger-filled failure at leadership due to his homophobia and Christianity topped with a big honking dollop of UNPROGRESSIVENESS!

The Globe and Mail has made it official: HARPER and the CONServatives are DOOMED!

Progressive Paul