Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Coming soon: The Barbara Kay watch?

So many conservative wingnuts, so little time. Pity. Anyway, a quick, snarky potshot at Kay before I (sadly) must get involved in actual work. Back here, you might remember National Post columnist and right-wing whiner Barbara Kay, begging for evidence of a massive left-liberal academic conspiracy here in Canada and, as some kind of indirect substantiation, saying nice things about The American Council of Trustees and Alumni, a pathetic collection of conservative loons if ever there was one.

I pointed out that ACTA got its comeuppance here in an article by Paul Street. Turns out, he's not the only one unhappy with ACTA. Hard to believe but, over here, we find that the National Catholic Reporter Online is similarly unimpressed.

Now, you have to ask yourself -- just how creepy a bunch of wankers do you have to be for even the National Catholic Reporter to smack you down?

BONUS SNARK: If you want a brief but unsettling glimpse into the ACTA mindset, check out their report publications page, where the "Defending Civilization" report is promoted thusly:

It was not only America that was attacked on September 11, but civilization. We were attacked not for our vices, but for our virtues—for what we stand for. In response, ACTA has established the Defense of Civilization Fund to support the study of American history and civics and of Western civilization.

The "Defense of Civilization"??? Jesus, but some folks are just a little full of themselves, aren't they?

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