Wednesday, June 08, 2005

When Christian telemarketers attack. Or whatever.

Thanks to AmericaBlog, just go read this.


Anonymous said...

The greatest threat to Western freedom lies not in some mosque in Mecca, but in a simple church in the Bible Belt.

The time has come for all patriotic progressives to unite under a common cause: getting rid of the Christians. Their backwards, outdated belief system is based on unwavering moral absolutes, which only alienate us enlightened progressive liberals who have no morals at all. Ironically, these so-called "morals" Christians claim to possess aren't even true morals, as they stem not from a Noam Chomsky pamphlet or a Michael Moore film - but from some silly old book they found in a motel room dresser.

This ignorant Christian self-righteousness makes it next to impossible to reason with these people. Try getting a right-winger to fund homoerotic photography or a feces-smeared Virgin Mary with his tax dollars. Try explaining the joys of partial-birth abortion to some religious nut who worships an invisible diety in the sky more than a Woman's Right to Choose. Try talking a nun out of her habit for a few quick polaroids. Heck, try getting a "Born Again" gal into the sack without a marriage license and a big stinking committment! You can't even smoke some crack and have sex with your dog in the front yard without the fundamentalist neighbors screaming "Stop that! Stop that!". Intolerant by nature, self-righteous to the extreme, Christians are ruled by hatred and bigotry - and the sooner we're rid of them the better.

Now I'm not advocating violence against Christians - at least, not officially. *Wink wink, nudge nudge.* For the time being, we'll continue to simply mock and ridicule them for the self-righteous, hateful bigots they are - while graciously granting them the gift of our tolerance and understanding.

Progressive Paul

Anonymous said...

Well, anonymous, that was a strange attempt at humour...full of truths ("outdated belief system","silly old book") and ridiculous falsehoods ("liberals who have no morals at all","joys of partial-birth abortion"). Almost funny, keep trying.

What seems to be lost on you is that for most people, atheist, muslim, christian, etc... most morals are not something that should be imposed on others or used to guilt others. This runs in both directions, or at least it should. Some basic beliefs are shared by almost everyone, and generally boil down to the Golden Rule (and yes, i'm over-generalizing here, but it's mostly true).

But if anyone called me one the phone and called me a sinner, I would tell them to fuck off. Similarly, if someone calls you and asks you to buy homoerotic pictures, and you don't want them, respond as you would like.

And most Christians are not hateful bigots. A few are, and they sometimes use religion to help justify it. They should be told, loudly, by their own religious community, to sit down and STFU.

GrrlScientist said...

Aren't you arrested if you tell the chief fundamentalist (gw) to sit down and STFU?

Just wunderin'