Monday, June 20, 2005

Why I'm not a big fan of organized religion.

It's things like this that kind of dampen my enthusiasm for the Catholic Church, if you know what I mean. (Via Pharyngula.)

CORRECTION: I shouldn't have referred to the "Catholic" Church above, since the article refers to the Romanian Orthodox Church which is part of the Eastern Orthodox Church. My bad.


Anonymous said...

After we force all the evil Christians to stop polarizing the world, we'll take care of the idealogues - or, anyone whose idealogy is different than ours. Because while we insist on tolerance and diversity, we simply can't tolerate diversity of opinions. If we're ever going to unify the world, if we're ever going to realize Dr. King's dream of free love and free drugs, we must be of one mind, one purpose, one will.

Progressive Paul

Orac said...

Uh, you didn't make it clear that that was the Romanian Orthodox Church, not the Roman Catholic Church.