Friday, June 10, 2005

"Hidden agendas" and right-wing media bias griping.

Until our new site Media Bias Watch really gets cranked up, we can still make fun of the right-wing whiners here at, as we see just how hypocritical and inconsistent they can be.

For instance, note how annoyed they get about accusations regarding conservative "hidden agendas":

In one election after another, the national media have steered public opinion toward left-liberal parties. Last year, they accused Steve Harper [ed: "Steve"? Good buddies, are they?] and the Conservatives of pursuing a "hidden agenda" (which conveniently can't be shown to exist because it's "hidden") ...

So, accusing someone of having a "hidden agenda"? Apparently, unfair. Or ... maybe not, as we read in the next column:

In 2003, Fraser academics Lydia Miljan and Barry Cooper published a book analyzing the strong left-liberal bias of Canadian journalists ("Hidden Agendas": How Journalists Influence the News," UBC Press, $25).

Left hand, meet right hand.

UPDATE: OK, the first actual content has now gone up at Media Bias Watch. More to come, I'm sure. And we'll definitely be doing some work on the site layout in the near future.

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