Thursday, June 09, 2005

Canadian right-wingers emulate U.S. counterparts as annoying whiners.

If there's one thing members of the right-wing wankersphere do better than anyone else, it's whine, bitch and moan. How else to explain this imminent web site,, which will, we are told, chronicle all of the shocking misdeeds of the dastardly left-wing, liberal media here in Soviet Canuckistan?

Oh, yawn.

As its primo, numero uno example of wretched, left-liberal bias, the group parades, front and centre, the following:

A typical example of news bias occurred on April 9, when 15,000 people rallied on Parliament Hill to support traditional marriage -- the biggest political event on the Hill in years, perhaps ever. The National Post and Canwest News Services paid the story almost no attention, and the Globe and Mail didn't mention it at all.

Ignore for the moment the suggestion that the National Post downplaying the event constitutes liberal bias. (For our international readers, the right-wing National Post is akin to the Washington Times, but with perhaps slightly fewer Moonies.) Quite simply, there was no need for the media to cover this event because, in a nutshell, there was no news there.

Seriously, think about it. It's not as if an ambitious reporter would have learned anything going to the event and interviewing anyone. "So ... you're all opposed to same-sex marriage? Yup, got that. And ... that's pretty much the story. Thanks for your time."

Really, what kind of article could anyone write about this? You could pretty much mail this one in from your couch during commercial breaks of Canadian Idol. In case it happens again, let me give you a generic template that could probably cover anything that might happen:

Parliament Hill (CC News) -- Gathering since early this morning, [insert number here] thousand supporters of so-called traditional marriage rallied on Parliament Hill. Lots of them were clearly Christian. Many Bibles were waved about, and many passages from Scripture were cited, mostly badly out of context. After a while, everyone went home.

Did I miss anything? And just in case that web site really does get cranked up and starts churning out the inevitable mixture of right-wing innuendo, distortions and outright lies, well, I've taken the precaution, just in case.

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M@ said...

Obviously you're not a citizen for freedom and democracy.

How could an organization with such an important name be wrong!?