Wednesday, June 08, 2005

And now we see what's behind the curtain.

I'm almost past the point of even being capable of outrage anymore. Yet again, it's John over at AmericaBlog who points readers at a Nation article, describing how those fine Christian folks at the Family Research Council once paid white supremacist David Duke $82,000 for his mailing list.

I'm sure the right-wing wankersphere will be, like, totally outraged by this blatant racism. Yes, sir, any minute now. Any minute now ...


Anonymous said...

Fire-breathing red-baiters like J. Edgar Hoover and Ronald Raygun warned us for years that communist boogeymen were infiltrating the US government at every level. Now Americans are slowly beginning to realize that it was all a ruse - a diversionary tactic to blind us from the truth: the real threat to US democracy is not godless commies nor Muslim terrorists, but churchgoing Christians.

Fifty years after the infamous McCarthy witchhunts, there are almost as many Christians in the GOP as there are communists in the Democrat Party, and their numbers are growing. Beholden not to The People nor their respective union representatives but rather to fundamentalist extremist dominionist religious supremacist groups like the Boy Scouts of America, Christian politicians have formed a covert shadow government bent on only one goal: a return to the pre-1960's dark ages of moral absolutes.

Progressive Paul

Cathie from Canada said...

Absolutely right!
No, wait, that didn't really come out the way I wanted it to.
But what I wanted to mention also was that someone was writing just the other day about outrage fatigue -- though I was too tired to read the whole post.
At some point prior to American election, I did a post (which I cannot now find) that listed all of the Bush administration outrages of the previous four years. A ponderous chain it was even then, and they have laboured on it since . . .

Anonymous said...

Cathie from Canada:

Indeed, we saw a hint of the coming Christian jihad when the Jesuslanders turned out in droves to vote against John Kerry last year. We saw it again when they mocked Spongebob Squarepants. Make no mistake - when enlightened progressives such as ourselves refer to conservative Christians as "fundamentalist religious extremists" and "The American Taliban", we're not just bleating through our gazoos.

We aren't.

Progressive Paul