Thursday, June 16, 2005

The War on Terror: Oh, those adorable College Republicans.

Following a link from the Rude One, we have the delightfully pro-war (in the sense of "as long as everyone else does the dying in it") College Republicans, describing how Commander Chimpy is such a muthahfuckin' stud when it comes to the War on Terror:

President Bush has outlined three commitments in America’s new approach to peace in the world, and we have found successful results:

* President Bush is defending the peace by taking the fight to the terrorists ...

Um ... well, that sounds just peachy, except for the fact that, back in 2003, that same stud said the following:

We're helping to train civil defense forces to keep order, and an Iraqi police service to enforce the law, a facilities protection service, Iraqi border guards to help secure the borders, and a new Iraqi army.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong but it does seem a bit contradictory to, on the one hand, brag that you're taking the fight right to the terrorists, only to turn around and "secure the borders" to make sure they can't get to you.

One would think that Chimpy, rather than trying to keep those bad old terrorists at a distance, would be throwing open the Iraqi borders and inviting those same terrorists to "Come on down!" or "Bring it on!" or ... Oh, wait. He tried that last part, didn't he? Didn't work out so well, did it?


Anonymous said...

This is just nitpicking.

CC said...

No, it's clever and amusing subtlety. You just missed it.