Tuesday, June 21, 2005

It seemed like such a good idea at the time.

Uh oh. Seems like a whole bunch of Golden Staters are having a serious case of buyer's remorse:

Support for governor plunging, poll finds
Special election, budget unpopular among Californians

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger suddenly ranks among the most unpopular governors in modern California history, as residents grow increasingly unhappy about the action hero-turned-politician's budget plans and his call for a special election, according to a new Field Poll.

Less than a third -- 31 percent -- of the state's adults approve of the job the governor is doing in Sacramento, down from 54 percent in February. The numbers are only slightly better among registered voters, 37 percent of whom are happy with Schwarzenegger's performance and 53 percent dissatisfied.

Gosh, a well-known, wildly-popular, right-wing actor who turned out to be a total dud as a politician. Who would have guessed?


Anonymous said...

Thank god this one can't become president.

CC said...

My God, but you readers are so adorable, I could just pinch your cheeks.

Be afraid.

Anonymous said...

cc: like many others, i called this constitutional reversement (aka amendment) last year - it was so obvious.
And however tongue-in-cheek you meant it (*Be afraid*), that is the underlying problem with our country. Fear. i posted this elsewhere, a buddhist monk said "Fear is the cheapest seat in the house".