Sunday, June 12, 2005

Well, isn't this precious?

I'm really looking forward to that grovelling, boot-licking apology from the right-wing wankersphere now that it's become painfully obvious that Commander Chimpy and his sock puppet, Tony Blair, knew the invasion of Iraq was illegal but went ahead with it anyway.

Come on, all you residents of Lower Wankerville. Not even a little apology? Just a teensy, weensy one, that's all. You'll feel better for it.


Anonymous said...

this is funny:

i am unable to figure out how to copy the pretty elephant to put here, just go look at it and chuckle.

"of course it hurts, you're getting screwed by...."

Anonymous said...

The FBI has had great success nabbing religious lunatics holed up on Texas compounds, give or take a few charred babies. Yet they turned a blind eye as the Shrub fulfilled his lifelong dream to read a story about a pet goat while New York burned, ruin the Dixie Chicks and Bill Maher, and then launch an illegal and unsanctioned-by-France war to steal Iraq's oil.

It's all right there in the Downing Street Memo. Written in Bush's own hand and inked with the blood of a murdered Abu Ghraib detainee, the Downing Street Memo is a Stunning Revelation that the Shrub's reckless, ill-planned Rush to War with Iraq was carefully planned months in advance, perhaps as far back as his childhood. Of all the Stunning Revelation memos that keep surfacing, this is the one Stunning Revelation that can bring Bush down and finally free the International Community from his arrogant Swagger of Terror.

But no matter how often I bring it up in normal conversation, or sneak up behind people and scream "DOWNING STREET MEMO! DOWNING STREET MEMO!" in a high-pitched feminine screech, no one wants to talk about it. They'd rather flap their sheeple gums over the Michael Jackson witch trial - and I hold the media responsible for allowing Hollywood sensationalism to briefly distract them from their job of compulsively badmouthing the peeResident.

Hopefully, journalist Sean Spicoli Penn will come home from his fact-finding mission in Iran and restore some balance and integrity to the profession.

Progressive Paul