Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Rachel Marsden Watch: Stewie-sized version.

From this demented piece, we have la Marsden:

As for [Howard] Dean, he continued his assault on Middle America voters last week by saying that a lot of Republicans "have never made an honest living in their lives" - even though the only income class that strongly favoured Democratic candidate John Kerry over Bush was composed of those earning less than US$30,000, many of whom likely eke out this "honest living" by latching on to the government teat.

Shorter Marsden: Poor people suck. I'm so glad I don't have to, like, touch them with my hands or anything.

I'm guessing that, in Marsden's universe, corporate welfare somehow doesn't constitute latching on to the government teat.

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Anonymous said...

Tax professor blogger Paul L. Caron must be silenced. He has a chart showing the growing class of people who pay no income taxes and a shrinking class of people who are bearing the lion’s share of the burden, i.e. the rich. Indeed, his neocon chart shows that Indeed, the Tax Foundation (likely neocons) reports that the percentage of Americans filing tax returns who report no tax liability has exploded in recent years and is at an all-time high! His lying chart is making Bill Clinton look bad!

This might prevent us from going after those whose divisiveness lies in their refusal to divide up their loot: the evil rich. So far it has been fairly easy - they only comprise a small portion of the population and we've managed to demonize them to great success already. However, while the wealthy don't represent a sizeable voting block, they still manage to use their vast resources to support candidates who won't fuck them up the ass. That's why in a new united America, they'll have no resources at all!

By simultaneously imposing confiscatory taxation on their greedy asses while preventing them from fleeing the country to avoid getting fucked up the ass, we'll take the power out of the hands of the CEO's and put it back where it belongs: in the hands of the workers. Well, the union workers, anyway. Or at least, the union leaders who speak for them. And the politicians who speak for the union leaders.

But nevermind that - what matters is that Grandma's starving and little Billy can't afford his medical bills all because a few billionaires choose to hoard their riches in great big vaults so they can swim around in their ocean of money and not let their nephew Donald have even one measly little penny. No more!

Progressive Paul