Tuesday, June 07, 2005

And you thought Canadian politics was boring.

Man, this is better than watching outtakes from "Canadian Idol":

Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal has agreed to go on stress leave pending investigations into surreptitiously taped conversations regarding defection and a possible breach of transport safety regulations.

Mr. Grewal will continue to be a part of the Conservative caucus and receive his MP's salary, but he will not sit in the House of Commons, participate in parliamentary committees or attend caucus meetings until all investigations involving him have ended, party aides said last night.

So ... he still gets paid but doesn't have to do any work? Damn! I want that deal. But it gets funnier (depending on your sense of humour):

The announcement capped a bizarre day in which it was alleged Mr. Grewal tried to persuade passengers travelling to Ottawa from Vancouver on Saturday to transport a package for him on a flight he was not taking -- a violation of security regulations. That allegation, which Mr. Grewal denies, followed a report in The Globe and Mail in which an independent forensic expert verified that the tapes of his conversations with Tim Murphy, the Prime Minister's chief of staff, and Health Minister Ujjal Dosanhj were altered.

Now, I have to ask: how does one "deny" such an allegation if there might be actual, live witnesses to attest to it? I can't wait to see how this plays out.

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M@ said...

Does this leave the CPC another seat short for the upcoming budget vote? I can't imagine the Liberals agreeing to parity for this boob.

Since it's turned out that the tapes were altered, I think it's high time that Stephen Harper denounced this corrupt, underhanded Liberal government that's determined to retain power no matter... what? The tapes were in his possession?