Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Web sites I like that are starting to piss me off.

A couple of my favourite sites are starting to annoy me to the point where I'm about ready to give up on them. First, there's Eschaton which, at least with the Firefox browser, directs me to the Classifieds page constantly. And I know I'm not the only victim as I recall a thread where a number of folks were griping about this. If this keeps up much longer, that's one blog that's disappearing from my bookmarks.

Then there's First Draft which, again using Firefox, insists on initially loading a totally blank page, and sometimes needs to be refreshed several times to finally get some content. And again, life is too short to put up with badly-behaved blogs.

Thoughts? Anyone else having problems with these sites? Any solutions to these irritations?


Anonymous said...

Speaking of sites. welcome aboard to the Progressive Bloggers :)

Anonymous said...

There just seems to be something with the PHP-nuke and derivative sites that make firefox go directly to hell. I don't read first draft (the motto of the site is just too cutesy to stand) often, but I regularly run into links to daily kos, which will briefly show a page, then flip over to a completely blank screen unless I can get to the stop button fast enough.

My shameful confession with Atrios is that I never ever see the ads, because I run adblock and aggressively firewall out all the advertising. The ads might be what are causing your copy of firefox to go twinkie, so adblock might help you actually see useful content there.