Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What Andrew said.

It's not often I agree with Andrew Sullivan but, hey, he has his moments.

BONUS TRACK: What ledaro said.


deBeauxOs said...

Wow. Sullivan doesn't mince words, does he?

eh. WV = cract

Metro said...

Wow. He took until a year after the election to come to this conclusion?

Palin was a transparent sop from the Repugnicans to the "li'l wifey" vote from day one.

It's only natural that she now represents precisely why the party can't be trusted with a pair of scissors, let alone the levers of government.

One only hopes Stephen Harper finds such a person in time for the next election. Maybe we could book her to speak to the Young Conservatives or something.

Hah! WV = "polyan"

Ti-Guy said...

I make it a point of never agreeing with Andrew Sullivan. I don't have to, anyway. He's usually the last person to come to the position fully conscious, less narcissistic people came to long ago.

He's a smarmy opportunist who will parrot conventional wisdom as soon as it achieves some sort of critical mass.

These people need to find other careers.

Stimpson said...

"Wow. He took until a year after the election to come to this conclusion?"

Not true. Sullivan pounced on McCain's choice of Palin for running mate almost immediately. He has been critical of her from virtually the day she was put on the GOP ticket.

Metro said...

Thanks for the correction. In many ways he's been the voice of reason for the Party Formerly Known as the Party of Lincoln, and I was surprised to think he hadn't written something similar earlier. My stupid for not looking it up.

However, my hope that Harper tries to draft her when his government finally founders remains undimmed.