Sunday, November 22, 2009

The thigh-sucking gullibility of Kate McMillan.

Unsurprisingly, Canada's answer to Ann Coulter (only with less money and class but more empty cans of paint thinner) Kate McMillan is all over the latest climate change uproar like Patrick Ross on a bad haircut:

The Sound Of All Hell About To Break Loose, Con't

At Planet Gore, more exerpts from the Hadley CRU files; ...

Nestled deep in the comments we have this nugget from relentless crank Louise:

Just out of curiosity I just finished a little tour of the lunatic fringe side of the blogosphere to see what the reaction is there to this news.

Big City Lib has two entries both in full on denial that this means anything. There were, at the time that I visited, a grand total of 17 comments, mostly from folks telling him he was out to lunch and his pathetic attempt at rebuttal.

Everybody else was completely silent, although several did have posts up with today's date. These include Dr. Dawg, Saskboy, Stoogeleft (although he did have an entry a few days ago criticizing the lack of enthusiasm from the worlds political leaders, including Obama, about the upcoming Copenhagen conference), Canadian Cynic, Bow, James Bow, My Blahg, Unrepentant Old Hippie and Daily Kos.

Red Tory has a blog entry about the general global warming issue, but of course it was just more of the same old same old, with no hint of any acknowledgment that this story had broken.

Bunch of losers.

Well, Louise, it's like this. Given that Kate has a talent for being perpetually suckered by dumbass idiocy, it seemed only wise for me to spend yesterday geeking out, drinking wine and writing on other topics, waiting for the other shoe to drop, as it so always does shortly after you and your screeching flying monkey colleagues stroke yourselves into a frenzy only to be intellectually humiliated yet again. I could go on but, mercifully, Dr. Dawg does the heavy lifting, for which I am eternally grateful.

So there you are, Louise. My silence on the subject was due to nothing more than a lack of desire to make a gibbering, public imbecile of myself on the Intertoobz. I see neither you nor Kate suffer from any such caution.


Lindsay Stewart said...

this global warming thing pisses me off. i'm no scientist and i don't have a grasp of the complexities of the models that measure and predict change over time in a system as vastly complex as the earth's environment. but what i do know is that if you constantly shit in the fridge and you keep making sandwiches, eventually you run out of nutella. the bottom line as i see it is that we have a branding issue that gives cover to the greedy liars and fools that people like kate admire. the whole issue turns on the notion that the short term profit from vulgar and unchecked pollution is more important than the long term damage we'll bequeath to our children and their children after.

global warming is a stupid phrase that means nothing in the tiny frame of reference that humans have. there's a reason that dimbulbs like kate post pictures of a thermometer and that is satisfactory to the slack jawed yokels that dwell yonder there, down delisle way. the concept of systemic change is too much to grasp and therefore easy enough to deny or ignore. thus a snowy day and a cold front prove the scientists wrong, ta-da. ignorance = bliss.

the issues at hand are pollution and poison versus the expense or social adjustment necessary to mitigate harm. we need to look more at the smaller act than the larger result. is it acceptable to continue to spew ever increasing amounts of toxic gases, particulates and fluids into our air, onto our land and into the water that sustains life as we know it? even people as stupid as kate's readership have a rudimentary grip on the idea that pollution is bad. we can't sell a nebulous evil like global warming to people that dumb but we can perhaps get them to acknowledge that pollution isn't such a clever habit.

pogge said...

I'm quite disappointed that Louise didn't mention me. I can ignore a story as well as anyone I know.

Holly Stick said...

Lindsay, it's not pollution as people generally understand it, but systemic climate change that is the problem. Greenhouse gases let more heat enter the atmosphere than they let escape; so Earth warms up and the climate of many places changes. The main problem is that wet areas will likely get wetter, dry areas will likely get drier, there will be more extreme weather events, and we will thus have more crop failures; also more water shortages.

Everyone understands they need food and water; though they may not understand how the system works to provide them unless it is pointed out in simple terms.

jj said...

Ah, I was wondering why I got those 2 hits from Stumblebumming Retard. I guess that was Louise and her reader.