Wednesday, November 04, 2009

So ... how's that Sarah Palin worship working out, Maria?

Blogging Tory Maria ("Dodo hates immigrants") Nunes rummages around in Sarah Palin's panty drawer and comes up with more mindless adoration:

So ... how'd that work out, Maria? Oh:

Tea Party Over? Hoffman Concedes in NY-23, Democrat Owens Takes Seat Held by GOP Since '93 (Update: Rightbloggers React!)

Unsurprisingly, TBogg has a thought or two on the topic, but let's truly appreciate what happened here. Here's the money quote:

Democrat Bill Owens beat Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman in the down-to-the-wire race for New York's 23rd Congressional District -- portions of which have been represented by Republicans for more than a century.

In short, that district was, if history is any guide, as safe a GOP stronghold as you were likely to find anywhere, and yet ... and yet ... well, you saw what happened. And why did it happen?

It happened because screeching idiots like Palin mouthed off about the official GOP candidate (Dede Scozzafava) being, well, just too gosh-darned liberal and moderate and everything, to the point where they drove her clean out of the race, leaving the electorate to choose between the Democrat Owens and the howling, fundamentalist nutbar Hoffman, a choice which must have caused even lifelong Republicans to reel back in horror, then hold their noses and vote for Owens.

Attagirl, Maria -- you should take solace in the fact that your idol Sarah the Quitbull, given her outrageous and ignorant interference, pretty much handed that race to the Democrat. We can only hope we see more of this in the months to come.


sooey said...

Ah, that explains it - Sarah Palin is an operative for the Democrats.

Ti-Guy said...

I realise this is nominally news because it was featured On the Daily Show yesterday, but seriously, this is like following a by-election in Northern Ontario.

The Seer said...

Charlie Cook said on MSNBC that this is good news for Republicans.

Cook says that if the Conservative had won, there would have been a nationwide bloodbath, which would have put all sane Republicans at risk and led to a wipe-out in 2010.

Ti-Guy said...

I'll believe that when I see it, Seer. After the 2004 election, all bets are off. Even last year's election was waaay too close.

I think batshit loony is going to work even better in the future.

The Seer said...

Ty-guy just made a lucky guess. Yesterday morning, nobody could have foreseen the plague of looniness.

Ti-Guy said...

I don't even have to try anymore, do I?