Tuesday, November 03, 2009

On the other hand, Ezra Levant is a douchebag.

Serial narcissistic, preening blowhard Ezra Levant ("But enough about me ... let's talk about me.") is seriously put-out about secret shit that he's not allowed to publicize for political purposes:

Regrettably, the most important facts about Arar likely will remain confidential for security reasons. How frustrating it must be to be an RCMP officer or diplomat, knowing the secret dossier on Arar, but unable to disclose it, either for reasons of security or a political gag order.

Yeah! Fucking secret evidence. What intellectual cripples thought that was a good idea?? Oh:

Security certificates and secret evidence

What is a security certificate?

It is a legal tool that allows the Canadian government to detain and deport permanent residents or foreign nationals considered to be a security threat using secret evidence that the accused is not allowed to see.

I'd go with a pithy, wickedly funny punchline but, what the hell, Ezra's just an asshole. I'll save the good snark for people who deserve it.


Ti-Guy said...

You really have to wonder who's bank-rolling Ezra in this campaign against Maher Arar. AIPAC?

I suppose he believes a libel suit would force full disclosure of state secrets. If so, he's horribly naive. One would only have to demonstrate that Levant is acting out of malice, which he clearly is and in fact has a reputation for maliciousness that has nothing do with Muslims.

MariaS said...

hmmmm - I wonder what sort of a donation Arar will send to this blog for licking him.

MariaS (dodocanspell)

Ti-Guy said...

Hey, "Dodo:" Why are you using another Blogger user account to comment?

This "MariaS": #14466641479249333359
"MariaS" from Dodo Can Spell: #05360120240108457091

Are you covering your tracks? Hiding from someone, like maybe...Immigration?

redbedhead said...

I once debated Ezra Levant on "Face Off" with Judy Rebick and Clare Hoy. I can confirm that he is a douche bag in person. In the middle of the argument he told me to "get a haircut, get a bath, and get a job". The worst part was, I'd just gotten a haircut six hours earlier.

liberal supporter said...

I see dodo got her October AdSense statement. I suppose she should change her name to "d0d0". She's certainly got "money for blogging" on her mind today, and given that leaves no room for anything else in her head, it's all she's got today.

(I am reposting in this thread, since d0d0 is commenting in different threads with variations on the same theme).

Jason said...


This article includes statements about Arar's treatment made by a dissenting judge.

CC said...

For those confused about which "MariaS" keeps showing up at CC HQ, I have from a reliable source that at least some of those comments are not from Maria S, but from none other than our favourite mullethead Patrick Ross, who has taken to (in the spirit of "NAMBLA" Dick Evans) registering look-alike Blogger accounts, and leaving provocative comments under other peoples' blogger IDs.

Hands up if this surprises anyone.

Stay classy, Twatsy. We expect no less.

Metro said...

Not that it matters. I'm sure Doodoo Can Spill would concur.

They really are just utterly, completely, un-self-aware @$$#013s, aren't they?

WV = "eatchanc"
Close to my feelings on the matter ... Close, but not quite.

Ti-Guy said...

Hands up if this surprises anyone.

That *does* surprise me. I thought Twatsy was proudest of the fact that he had the balls to attach his name to every stupid thing he said. Which, to be quite honest, is impressive.

Now he's reduced to squalid fraud like this?

...*tsk tsk tsk*

CC said...

And that squalid fraud can apparently be found elsewhere. Twatsy's finally revealed himself for the pathologically violent and dishonest wingnut that he is.

You knew it had to happen eventually.

CC said...

I'm wondering what we can expect next from Twatsy. Perhaps sending threatening letters to prominent members of the public, and signing other peoples' names to them? That would be a hoot, wouldn't it?

Twatsy's already demonstrated he has no ethical problem with impersonating others on-line. I can't imagine taking it to the next step would cause him any loss of sleep.

Ti-Guy said...

Let's all change our Blogger screen names to "Patrick Ross."

Teach the proto-felon a valuable lesson before it gets out of hand when he ends up in investment banking or in politics or..

...never mind.