Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh, so that’s why.

The Raging Tory explains:

I believe Canada needs to grow up and become a republic. I am sick of the monarchy, and will not serve in Canada's military because they swear an oath of allegiance to the crown, rather than our nation.

And all this time I thought the average warmongering Neocon refused to join the armed forces because they’re raging, hypocritical cowards who are just thrilled to talk the talk without actually, you know, walking the walk. See George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, John Ashcroft, Rush Limbaugh, Tom Tancredo, et al.

My bad.


Anonymous said...

That's a rather novel explanation as to why he's a coward.

Next up, why he still uses our communist health-care system....

M@ said...

Does he forgo all currency with the monarch's visage on it, too, I wonder?

Stimpson said...

I guess he doesn't see the irony in calling himself a "tory" and yet denouncing monarchy.

burpster said...

If you want some real fun with conservative fundies, go to facebook polls about fauxnews. You'll encounter the most crazy, paranoid people imaginable.

Personally, I think they are all cowards.

deBeauxOs said...

Of course reformaTories and rightwing neocons are cowards. That's why they are constantly frothing and shrieking their hate.

Religious fundamentalists and reactionary conservatives are terrified by anything that doesn't conform to their personal opinions and views. And thus their "final solution" is to destroy anything that is different from them.

The Artful Nudger said...

I'm somewhat sad to see that the Lying Tory is back again.

Even when he "left", he lied, so I was glad to see him go. He never sounds quite as bats**t insane as, for example, Dodo, but nevertheless is yet another BT happy to broadcast their ignorance, bias, and occasional bigotry across the net, and badly represent our country.

I'm not terribly surprised about his cowardice, though.

Balbulican said...

I wonder if he was one of the fossils who expressed his contempt for Canada by promoting the Red Ensign, an old British insignia?

Dave said...

"This means that if the British were to invade Canada, our military would, by law, aid the British invasion."

WTF? What an idiot.

Ti-Guy said...

Who knows, who cares. Since this one went on record to assert he had mental health problems, I thought that would be enough to be put on permanent ignore.

Now, if the rest of the BT's admitted as much, they'd get a lot less grief from the rest of us, I suspect.

The only non-crazy BT's are Stephen Taylor and (surprisingly) Kate McMillan. They're merely evil.

CC said...

"Raging Idiot" Justin Hoffer finally owns up to his historical ignorance:

""Tory" is merely another term for "conservative", is it not?"

The level of stupid is truly stunning, is it not?

Justin Hoffer said...

Oh, you lefties are oh so entertaining! Please, keep posting so I can keep laughing!

Justin Hoffer said...

What's most interesting is the level of intolerance on these comments.

I'm on ignore because I have mental health issues? So a person with depression is automatically less worthy than you, Ti-Guy?

At least I can admit when I have a problem... It seems quite obvious to me that the lot of you have many issues that a therapist could possibly help you with. Uncontrollable rage, for instance...

Oh, and since it seems that the obvious is rather hard for liberals to grasp, I'll explain my blog title. "Raging Tory" was a title I found many liberals to label conservatives with, so I decided to take it, a joke pointed at the left. I'm sorry that none of you have the mental capacity to understand that without explanation.

But, please, I do enjoy someone actually attempting to refute my points, rather than simply applying ad hominem attacks to anyone they disagree with. Your attacks are entertaining and funny, and only serve to grow my ego. If you really want to harm me, I suggest you have a logical debate with me instead. Unlike yourselves, I'm perfectly open to a differing opinion. Just bring it up so I can answer.

Justin Hoffer said...

Oh, and I'm signing on with the Israeli military within the next two years. I'll send you all presents if you want them.

Justin Hoffer said...

Oh, and Nudger, I just read your blog. While there may not be anecdotal evidence of these stimulant medications having an effect on creativity (as far as the study you linked was concerned), if you ask an actual psychiatrist, they find it to be a common complaint.

Both my father and I suffered from the same problem. Interesting that those of us who actually took the medication have a differing opinion from those who didn't.

Ti-Guy said...

I'm on ignore because I have mental health issues? So a person with depression is automatically less worthy than you, Ti-Guy?

Since I'm not your mother, I didn't put it in the most charitable terms, but what I was actually saying is that I don't think CC should be haranguing you, for the reasons stated.

CC said...


Not mocking Blogging Tories because they're mentally unstable would seriously cramp my style.

You know that, right?

Ti-Guy said...

Not mocking Blogging Tories because they're mentally unstable would seriously cramp my style.

Well, in the absence of evidence you can always claim ignorance. But when they go on record to state they're two seconds away from being institutionalised, it becomes a different matter.

He's also only 20 years old. That's like 9 for people of our generation.

The Artful Nudger said...

Justin, Justin, Justin. Are you aware of what "anecdotal evidence" means? Evidently not.

There is experimental evidence disproving the common complaint of "lack of creativity" - that is to say, any such effect is anecdotal, and probably either psychosomatic or the popular placebo effect.

I don't denigrate your mental health issues, but I'm saying that your supposed "creative block" medication side effects were imaginary, and claiming otherwise is, in fact, lying. (See "Anecdotal Evidence".)

You've been wrong about a great many things. How much can it hurt to be wrong about one thing more?

Cosmic Navel Lint said...

I've just been reading his blog, and, sorry to say, this Raging Tory guy come across as a bit of wanker.

Not only has he got a transparent case of selective amnesia, certainly where the History of the Middle East is concerned, and be an unrepentant Zionist straight from central casting, but he seems to have acquired the American condition of "This is me - deal with it!" - like that's gonna endear him to anyone. Quite tedious, really.

In the UK we have a word for blokes like him: twat.

Fine blog you have here, Cynic, some great content and banter - pleasure to read!