Monday, November 16, 2009

Living in a fantasy world? No way!

After reading the relentless moist-panty adoration of Sarah Palin from such intellectual snack bars as Blogging Tories "Hunter" and "Dodo," it's refreshing to note that even right-wing wanknut David Frum has finally let reality smack him in the face with a wet halibut:

Matthew Continetti has an article in the Weekly Standard magazine hailing Sarah Palin as the ideal leader of a new populist uprising. One obvious objection to his thesis: The populist Sarah is in fact one of the most unpopular figures in American life.

According to Gallup, 63% of Americans say they would never consider voting for her. By a margin of 62%-31%, Americans rate Palin "unqualified" to serve as president -- by far the worst score for any leading Republican...

Palin supporters have constructed an alternative reality in which their heroine is wildly cheered by the American yeomanry, and despised only by a small coterie of sherry-drinking snobs. No contrary evidence, no matter how overwhelming and uncontradicted, can alter this view: not the collapse in Palin's support in just five weeks in 2008, not the statistical studies that show her as the only vice-presidential nominee in history to have hurt her ticket, not her rampant unpopularity with American women, not her own flinching from a second encounter with the Alaskan electorate.

And let's not forget Sawah's disastrous interference in NY-23.

So ... Hunter? Dodo? You keep on huffing the paint thinner over there at Stephen Taylor Central. Cuz we progressives can't get enough of The Quitbull. Sarah Palin in 2012! Really. I'm serious.


sooey said...

Then why is David Frum using Sarah Palin to reinvent himself?

Metro said...

Yup: Palin/Bachmann 2012. My dream repugnican ticket.

Even teh google agrees--WV = "ingliz"