Sunday, November 22, 2009

Let me make a prediction.

From a CanWest article today (emphasis added):

Some prisoners were tortured: Afghan warden

Prisoners were tortured, but perhaps just a dozen, Afghan warden says

KANDAHAR CITY, Afghanistan — Prisoners were tortured at Sarpoza Prison in Afghanistan, but not in nearly the numbers alleged this past week by a Canadian diplomat, the prison’s chief warden has told Canwest News Service.

“Yes, there was torture and people were certainly beaten,” chief warden Col. Abdullah Bawar said Saturday during an interview conducted inside the prison’s heavily guarded walls.

“Hands and legs would be tied and they would be beaten with cables. I even remember one man who broke his leg from a beating.

Every Blogging Tory piece you're going to read based on that article: "See? I told you that Colvin guy was exaggerating. You can't believe a word that liar says."

I'll put money on that. Anyone want a piece of that action?


Ti-Guy said...

Sure, the prison warden in a corrupt, 3rd World shithole is usually credible.

CC said...

Good point. Politically, it's in his best interests to admit to torturing detainees.

I'm sure that's how this will play out.

pogge said...

The number of cases of torture just increased.

Renee said...

A few dozen? That's NOTHING! And since they're not white, they only really count as, oh, I don't know, five or six? SO WHAT IS THE FUSS?

(Anything under a thousand is just loose change. And torture only becomes wrong when it's, you know, North Americans being tortured. As long as they were born here. And aren't dark-ish, I mean.)