Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Justin Chronicles.

Um ... OK:

Justin Hoffer said...

Out of curiosity, if you kill a man that has a gun to the head of a child, is that terrorism?

If not, then why is someone killing an abortion doctor terrorism?

Oh, that's right. I almost forgot, you don't include the unborn in your definition of a human being. Why isn't exactly clear to me, maybe someone can explain?

I'm guessing the legal profession isn't in Justin's future.


Justin Hoffer said...

Why bother? I have three lawyers in my family already. We don't need another one.

You still haven't answered my question, though. Why is an unborn child not human, especially when there is no consensus on when life begins?

Justin Hoffer said...

And just FYI, whenever you post about me, its just more entertainment for me. Please, keep it up. Keeps me from getting bored.

Paladiea said...


Idiotic ranting everywhere. Now THERE'S a way to make your point Justin!

By the way, no one believes a word you're saying. Just putting that out there.

Paladiea said...


It's a zygote, an embryo and a fetus in that order.

Fetui don't have legal standing.

MgS said...


The law in Canada is currently quite clear. A fetus is consider part of the mother's body until it is born.

The second part of your argument regarding hunting down and assassinating doctors who provide abortions is spurious indeed. Among other things, I don't think any of the abortion doctors who have been hunted down have been killed while engaged in their practice. Dr. Tiller was murdered while attending church; Dr. Slepian in his home ... etc.

In all cases, the victim was hunted down and murdered at an opportune time for the murderer.

Comparing that to a hostage taking situation in which the hostage taker is killed is ridiculous.

CC said...

Oh, crap ... people are actually going to try to engage Justin intellectually. This is going to end badly. I just know it.

sassy said...

Halacha (Jewish law) does define when a fetus becomes a nefesh (person). "...a baby...becomes a full-fledged human being when the head emerges from the womb. Before then, the fetus is considered a 'partial life.' " 5 In the case of a "feet-first" delivery, it happens when most of the fetal body is outside the mother's body.

CC said...

I'm starting to think this is all a clever strategy on Justin's part. If the Israeli military requires a certain intellectual prowess, then all Justin has to do is point back here as proof that he's irredeemably retarded. 4-F! No service.

That Justin. He's sneaky.

Southern Quebec said...

Worked for Tancredo!

liberal supporter said...

And just FYI, whenever you post about me, its just more entertainment for me. Please, keep it up. Keeps me from getting bored.
Please get new material. And stop stealing from others like Michael Coren's You hate me? Thanks! routine.

An unborn "child" is human life, of course. So are my kidneys. What is your point? My kidneys do not breathe, they do not eat, nor are they outside my body and physically separate from me. I'm sure they have pain sensors but they are not sentient. They are not separate individuals. Just like a foetus is not a separate individual.

Should my kidneys have individual rights separate from my own? Should the Nanny State have the right to decide that saving my life is less important than saving my kidney so someone else can have it? Should this decision be based on some nebulous application of someone else's morals to me?

KEvron said...

"I have three lawyers in my family already."

and at least one mullah....

way to promote criminal acts of violence, justin. you do terrorize us all.


Anonymous said...


In other news, Huntsy has deleted every comment on her current post with the exception being that of cohort and peer sub-genius, MariaS. It appears Huntsy has no patience for lefties today - she only has patience for walmart.

Justin Hoffer said...

Well, I would have replied to the semi-intelligent posts here, but I can't stop laughing at the vitriol that I normally see from the rest of you.

Anywho, I bid you good day for now. I may check back to see the next insult and ad hominem attacks you've thrown at me, its always entertaining.

And by the way, I do enjoy it when liberals attack me. Let's me know I'm hitting a nerve. Have fun!

KEvron said...

i thought he'd never leave....


Cameron Campbell said...

A great dodge.. "I have no idea how to reply to anyone here, so I'm going to flee and blame the people who were angry, because I'm a sniveling coward".

Kelseigh said...

The Israeli army must be so proud.

Well, I guess someone has to dig the latrines.

craig said...

Justa Huffer, eh?

Gene Rayburn said...

more like Gas Huffer

1eyedpecker said...

Please God, please somebody tell me this isn't happening (see:

Surely to Allah, Buddha, and Zeus the Canadian military are not going to accept this freak and, at some juncture, actually give him a firearm... are they?

Wish me luck.
I am finishing my blogging for the day (despite it being rather short) with this note.

Tomorrow morning, I will begin making the necessary preparations to join the Canadian Infantry Reserves.

I will continue with my blogging, to the best of my ability. Unfortunately, the reason why the BS chickenhawk argument exists is because members of the military aren't allowed to have public opinions. I will attempt to find a way to work with military during the process to see if we can find a way for me to continue being a Blogging Tory and serve my country at the same time.

Good night, and G-d bless!
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