Monday, November 09, 2009

I can't believe I missed this.

I think #9 might be my favourite.


Southern Quebec said...

Two weeks ago, I explained #10 to "Hunter", hahahaha.

Sheldon said...

#14: Yah, Tony Blair sang them cheesy songs: Somebody better tell Ex-PM Tony Orlando that Blair ran away with Dawn.

Now, for some actual trivia, in case someone reading this page didn't know (younger generations). Derek And The Dominoes "Layla" Eric Clapton wrote it for Patty Boyd, George Harrison's wife at the time.

Thanks for finding that Lulu, it made me evening!

CK said...

OOPS! Sorry, Lulu, absent minded, didn't pay attention to the fact my husband never signed out.
I'm sure he would agree with my above statement though.
#14 and that end bit about the ghost writer taking time off were his favourite passages.