Friday, November 06, 2009

Difference? What difference?

Like many intellectually-crippled Blogging Tories before him, Captain Canada Stephen Taylor draws an equivalence between Mike Duffy and Peter Stoffer. There is a difference, though, Stephen -- Stoffer was actually elected to his current position. It's sort of a democracy thing, if you hadn't noticed.

Oh, and don't go bringing that "free speech" bullshit into Taylor's treehouse:

Yeah, he'll ban your sorry ass. Boo yah!

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Ti-Guy said...

Taylor's oldest groupie and wingnut blog fixture, "Liz J." just sums up so perfectly the bilious arrogance and conceit of the Know Nothings:

"Perhaps that's just what's worrying Duffy's former media friends turned foes, he's got a wealth of information to tell, he knows who's who , knows the game and the players.
The sheer jealousy and anger at his appointment among the media is palpable, they can barely bring themselves to utter his name."

You can tell this Conserva-loser lives in a world of sour gossips and catty backstabbers.