Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Conservatives, for one, welcome their American overlords role models.

Into the wayback machine, Sherman, to re-appreciate some Bush era sleazitude (emphasis nad-whompingly added):

Internal Justice Dept. Report Cites Illegal Hiring Practices

For nearly two years, a young political aide sought to cultivate a "farm system" for Republicans at the Justice Department, hiring scores of prosecutors and immigration judges who espoused conservative priorities and Christian lifestyle choices.

That aide, Monica M. Goodling, exercised what amounted to veto power over a wide range of critical jobs, asking candidates for their views on abortion and same-sex marriage and maneuvering around senior officials who outranked her, including the department's second-in-command.

An extensive report by the department's Office of the Inspector General and Office of Professional Responsibility concluded yesterday that Goodling and others had broken civil service laws, run afoul of department policy and engaged in "misconduct," a finding that could expose them to further scrutiny and sanctions. The report depicted Goodling as a central figure in politicizing employment decisions at Justice during the Bush administration.

I'm sure you can guess where this is going:

Gov't program wants job applicants' views on Tory budget

Ottawa — An elite federal program to recruit the cream of new graduates suddenly wants to know the applicants' views on the government's vaunted Economic Action Plan before they get a job interview.

See, it's not that the Stephen Harper Party of Canada is corrupt. Or scientifically illiterate. Or just plain intellectually deficient. It's that they're so yawningly unimaginative. I mean, would it hurt for them to at least dream up some original douchebaggery?

P.S. Perhaps someone should ask Captain Canada Stephen "Mr. Democracy" Taylor how turning federal hiring into a blatantly partisan exercise furthers democracy. I'm betting his defense would be hilariously entertaining. That, or just stupid. I figure both outcomes are equally likely.


Naked Ape said...

The biggest question for me is not
"Why are the Reform-A-Tories continuing to use Carl Rove's old cookbook to fuck over our country?"
but rather
"Why do Canadians continue to fall for it?"

Ti-Guy said...

I wonder if citing Stephen Master's thesis (in which he argued against counter-cyclical spending) would help or hurt one's chances when expounding on one's views of the Great Leap Action Plan.